[symple_accordion_section title=”1.)     I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD THAT THERE ARE TOO MANY ANIMALS AND NOT ENOUGH HOMES. HOW CAN WE SAVE THEM ALL?”] Pet overpopulation is a myth. 23 million Americans are bringing new dogs or cats into their homes every year, while only three million are killed in shelters for lack of a home. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”2.)     WHAT ABOUT DANGEROUS DOGS AND ANIMALS THAT ARE SUFFERING?”] The No Kill philosophy does not mandate that vicious dogs be adopted or that dying animals be kept alive. Euthanasia, in the true sense of the word, is sometimes required to end suffering. However, these animals make up less than 10% of the impounded population. [/symple_accordion_section]

[symple_accordion_section title=”3.)     ISN’T THE IRRESPONSIBLE PUBLIC TO BLAME FOR SHELTER KILLING?”] Animal shelters are supposed to provide a safety net, just like other social service agencies that deal with the effects of human irresponsibility. In over 150 communities that have achieved No Kill success, the public didn’t change, the shelter’s own policies and procedures did. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”4.)     IF YOU STOP KILLING, WON’T THAT LEAD TO ANIMAL HOARDING?”] No Kill does not mean poor care and abusive treatment or warehousing animals minus the killing. It means modernizing shelter operations so that animals are well cared for and kept healthy and happy and moving efficiently through the shelter, and into homes. [/symple_accordion_section]

[symple_accordion_section title=”5.)     HOW CAN AN OPEN ADMISSION SHELTER BE NO KILL?”] There are plenty of open admission No Kill animal control shelters already in existence today; Washoe County, NV, Austin, TX, and our neighbors in Petaluma, CA. Something cannot be impossible when it already exists. When you take killing off the table, it opens the door for creative and innovative solutions. [/symple_accordion_section]

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